Premeau Construction
Premeau Construction, Inc. (PCI), a minority owned (Native American),
broad-based General Contracting company.  During its 40 year history, Premeau Construction has evolved into a reputable organization capable of managing all phases of commercial, industrial, and residential construction.  From site development through close out the company has a proven record of success which stems from a deep commitment to quality  and a steadfast approach in developing and maintaining its project budgets and schedules.

Premeau Construction was founded in 1967, and incorporated in the state of Michigan in 1972. The company is headquartered in Marquette, and enjoys a reputation as one of the leading General Contractor in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Our Company
Presently PCI employs a 25 man workforce that is capable of ground up
construction which provides the company with an advantage over its competitors as they do not have to rely on subcontractors.  Employees who make up the PCI work force have been with the company anywhere from 5 – 35 years and are personally dedicated to its success.  The combination of hands-on-management of projects and their seasoned work force provides PCI with a superior level of control over all aspects of their projects.

Safety in the work place has been a key element in the company’s success. The company safety program has been recognized by the “Associated General Contractors of America” and insurance carriers.  This recognition has resulted in attaining an “Experience Modification Rating” of .80.  A rating of .80 is considered “Excellent” for a company the size of Premeau Construction.  Recognition of the importance of human resources and effective supervision of those resources has been a principal element in the organizations evolution and effectiveness. 

Financial resources and capabilities are solid and more than adequate to cover current and projected operating costs.  Current bonding capabilities allow the company to bid on projects up to the 10 million dollar range.

Premeau Construction is a qualified general contractor capable of satisfactorily completing any project it undertakes.  After reviewing the information provided, I am certain you will conclude that Premeau Construction is both qualified and capable of completing the intended work.

Skilled Professionals
Skilled & seasoned 25 man “Merit Shop” work force.  Most of our “Tradesmen” have been with us for 5-35 years each.  Each has a specific trade they specialize in, but are also quite versatile in all the other trades as well.  They are all willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.  They are fully committed to Premeau Construction and its owner’s success.  They are and feel as though they are an integral part of the company. They all receive a competitive wage and receive, or are eligible to receive, full health benefits including a 401k with up to a 10% employer match.  We provide safety and professional development training for them on a regular basis.  Their commitment, combined, with their experience and training make them the best.  The owner and managers of the company work closely with them in the field as well. 

Superior Facilities
A 12,000sqft clear span warehouse facility and extensive collection of heavy and light equipment.  We are very well equipped and very close to the actual proposed construction site for this project.  Our warehouse gives us many advantages from the pre-manufacturing of building components in a controlled environment to maintaining our extensive arsenal of heavy and light equipment.  This creates an ideal staging area for all of our projects.

In house “Structural, Ornamental, & Rebar” Fabrication and Erection.  For at least the past seven years, we have completed the bulk of our own structural steel fabrication and erection.  We also manufacture and install our own steel handrail, guardrail and rebar packages.  This has given us a measurable competitive edge and greater control.

Near by Sand & Gravel Pit.  We have the heavy equipment and aggregate available to complete most site work requirements.  Our sand pit is local and has an abundant supply of sand, topsoil, stone, and road gravel.  In addition we have a dump site for unusable soils and stumps located in Marquette County

Work Force
Ability to perform ground up construction with our own work force.  Because our workforce is multi-skilled you will see most of the same people from start to finish on the project site.  This creates greater control over quality, and the completion time.  In addition, because we do complete the bulk of the work with our own work forces, the subcontracted work is better integrated with ours.  Some companies simply observe work subcontracted to others.   In addition because we can self perform most phases of construction work we are not dependent on our subs or a union hall and can simply take work over if

Excellent report with local Code, Zoning, and City Government Agencies.  The owner and president of our company sits on the Planning Commission, and is actively involved with the local builders exchange and local home builders association.  This gives us an inside advantage to the local building officials and city government.

Good reputation and proven track record.  As our resume shows we have successfully completed a large assortment of Design/Build and General Construction projects.  As we completed these projects we garnered a good reputation with owners, government agencies, subcontractors, suppliers and design professionals.  In fact, often times design professionals are hoping we will be low bid because they know how easy we are to work with.  Northern Michigan University and most design professionals usually extend a personal invitation to their projects as a result. 


  • Premeau Construction, Inc. is legally qualified to complete all phases of  general construction.
  • Residential Builders License is: State of Michigan – I.D.  2102066132
  • Michigan DNR certified to operate any facility listed under the classification “Storm Water Management – Construction Site”
  • ACI Certified Concrete Testing.
  • State of Michigan Department of Civil Rights Certificate of Awardability.
  • Graduate of US Government 8 A Program.
  • Qualified as an Indian Owned Business.  This allows special privileges when working on Indian reservations.
  • Approved Builder for “MISHDA”,  “HUD”, “MDOT” Funded Projects


  • Cited by the National Park Service in 1988 for high quality of service provided through contracting which assisted in the accomplishment of the mission and goals of the National Park Service.
  • Received in 1996 – The Associated General Contractors of America’s “Contractor Safety Excellence Award”
  • By maintaining a high record of safety we have achieved an “Experience Modification Rating of .80.  Which allow the company to benefit from low insurance costs.

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